Examinations and Promotions

  • Seventy five percent (75%) attendance is necessary for promotion.
  • Any irregularity detected during or subsequent to an examination is liable to punishment at the discretion of the head of the school.
  • Promotions, once decided will be under no circumstance reconsidered and the H.M.’s decision shall be final.
  • Std. V to VIII Students of Std. V to VIII should secure a minimum of 41% (C2 Grade) in each subject considering Formative & Summative evaluation in each semester of the academic year in order to be declared as pass though the child is promoted
  • Std. IX Std. IX will be having 2 Unit Test, 1 Terminal and 1 Final Exam. Results of these will be taken into consideration for promotion as well as the years record of work. A child will be declared pass when he secures 35% in each subject. This 35% marks will include unit test, semester, practical, oral & other internal.