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Day Time
Monday to Friday 11.15 a.m. to 01.30 p.m.

School fees will be accepted from 1st to 20th of every month.

As per the decision of Management the fees have to be paid half yearly (i.e. term wise) by cheque.



  Fees for May must be paid along with the fees for April before 20th April (V-IX) even by the pupils  who leave          the school in April. Students in Std. X must clear the fees by January.

  No deductions are allowed for vacations or for interrupted periods.

  The payment of school fees should be made by crossed cheques to ensure safety.

  The school will not be responsible for the loss of cash or cheques sent through pupils

  Payments made by cheque is subject to realization of the cheque. The cheque should be drawn in                          favour of “SHARADASHRAM VIDYAMANDIR”.