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  Regular attendance is compulsory pupils should be in the school premises in time at the first bell. They must        carry their Identity cards regularly without fail. They must return to their classes immediately after recess.

 Pupils are not permitted to leave the school compound without permission

 If a pupil remains absent from the school, he has to produce a note from his guardian on the day he                     attends next, indicating the reason for his absence. If his absence is more than three days the guardian shall       inform the school in advance. Absence on account of illness should be supported with a medical certificate.

 No leave of absence will be granted except for genuine reason Absence without permission is liable to any          punishment at the discretion of the Headmaster/Headmistress.

 It is advisable not to send a pupil to school if he/she is suffering from an infectious disease. A medical                    certificate should be produced when he/she rejoins the school after such illness.

 Pupils have to wear black shoes with white socks throughout the year. Socks must not be worn during rainy          season.

 Pupils are not allowed to wear fancy wrist watch, any ornaments, bring mobile or any valuable articles to             school.

 Boys should have a short hair cut. They must wear plain black belt with a simple buckle. Girls should either            have a short hair crop or two plaits.

 Irregular attendance, unjustified or explained absence for more than seven days, habitual idleness,                       disobedience and objectional behavior justify dismissal.

 Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in and out of the school. Hence                      misbehavior on roads and public places is a just cause for dismissal.

 Any kind of damage done in the class or in the premises will be punishable. It will have to be made good by         the pupil concerned. The decision of the principal regarding the punishment will be final.

 Personal hygiene and cleanliness is expected from all.

 Students are expected to speak English in the School premises.

 Each pupil should endeavour to keep up high tone of the school.

 Students  should  take  care of the  school  property. Pupils  must  not  play  in the classrooms  or dance on          the benches before school hours and during recess. Any damage caused and serious misconduct before            school timings or during recess in the classroom or in School Premises will not be tolerated.

 Parents   should  not enter  the  classroom  during  school  hours. No  parents/guardians    or  relatives                   should directly go to any classroom or staff room. They should first report in the school office and see the             concerned teacher with the permission of the H.M.

 Parents / Guardians should note that students will not be allowed to leave the school before regular school         hours. Parents / Guardians should not send notes asking to leave their wards early.

 Students should come to school in full uniform. Parents Guardians should see that their wards wear neat             and clean uniform and comb their hair properly.

 Parents / Guardians should see that their wards reach the school in time, that they bring the necessary                 books and other necessary materials to class according to the time table.

 Parents / Guardians are requested to see that their wards develop regular study habits at home & do not             cultivate any wrong habits of copying or following any unfair methods during exams.

 Parents / Guardians must provide their wards with Tiffin for the recess.

 Parents / Guardians should be vigilant about activities of their wards during leisure hours.

  Change in address and mobile number should be immediately reported to the school in writing.

 Students must bring their calendar regularly to the school failing to bring will be punished.

 Leaving certificate, Bonafide certificate, Duplicate Mark sheet or any other authentic document from the             school will be issued only after a week from the date of receiving the written application.

 A written application from parents with essential required documents need to be submitted in the school         office  by  end  of  July if  any required  change  has  to be  made  in  existing  school  records with respect to       student’s or parent’s name, surname, caste, date of birth or any other.

If the application is forwarded after July it would be difficult to do the required change in that academic year.